:::::::: C A M P i N G ::::.:::

A camping site for tents and arbours as well as a parking area will be available in the island of the Lake Zarasas. The parking lot will be separated from the main camping site.

- 5 Lt (1,5 Eur) ecological fee will be charged for each tent. - and -10 Lt (3 Eur) fee for entering the island with a car/motorbike. - This is a symbolic fee for toilets and territory cleaning. In order to prevent heavy vehicle traffic on the island, each vehicle entrance will be charged! However, there is no fee for bicycles and horses. :)

... and, actually, when festival is over we want TO LEAVE THE ISLAND CLEANER!

The camping will be open from Thursday, August 27, 17:00.
The night after the festival You can stay in Zarasai camping at the same lake.

Settle cosily and comfortably in the Nature place. Those willing to stay elsewhere may find accommodation in country tourism homesteads in and around Zarasai town and in Zarasai camping on the other side of the lake. Get information in Zarasai Tourist Centre
tel. +370 385 37171, +370 682 40988; http://www.zarasai.lt/tic/

ATTENTION! VISITORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING ANY ALCOHOL DRINKS TO THE FESTIVAL TERRITORY! The drinks will be confiscated at the gate. Aggressive and drunk persons will be asked to leave the event.

::: Camping site :::
• Once you have paid the ecological fee, you will get a tent card, which is to be tied to the outside of your tent in a clearly visible place. • Tents can only be put up in the designated camping site! • There will be a Silent camping place for families with children. Dont settle there if You think about serious partying at night. • Do not leave your valuables in the tents.

::: Vehicles :::
• The island of Lake Zarasas can only be accessed through a single bridge. EACH entrance by a vehicle will be charged, even if you have already visited and left the island. • The parking area is limited, so if You come later, the island parking space could be packed. The vehicles can also be parked outside the island in one of the parking lots of Zarasai town or its outskirts. • Please note that the noise of vehicles (especially motorbikes) will not be tolerated. Let the Nature prevail.

::: Security and Order :::
• The entire Festival area will be guarded throughout the Festival by a professional security service, a motorbike-club and other personnel. Police will regularly patrol the Festival area, too. • There are no trouble on MJR, but in case of abuse, fraud or illegal entrance of the Festival area, relevant persons will be seen off the Festival territory without the right to purchase a ticket!

::: Fire :::
• Several fireplaces will be set up by the stages. Please do not set up additional fires in the wood. You can be fined by the environmentalists for doing this. Do not break or cut down trees. • Respect Fire Goddess Gabija!

::: Swimming :::
• • There are several beautiful beaches in the island of Lake Zarasas, the loveliest of which is the Golden beach located by the greater stage. Clear water and refreshing blow of the lake will make this MJR Festival extremely pleasant for visitors. However, we ask not to use chemical shampoos and other washing stuff that polutes water. • CAUTION SHOULD BE TAKEN WHEN SWIMMING!


::: Food and Drinks :::
• Outdoor cafιs offering hot food and drinks will operate round a clock. Vegetarian as well as conventional food will be offered. The beer of the Festival "TAURAS" will cost LTL 5 (1,5 EUR) per pint. • Zarasai cafes and stores will also be available just outside the island. • No alcohol drinks of Your own are allowed to be brought to the Festival area.

::: Pets :::
Dogs, cats and other pets are allowed to the MJR territory - though You must be sure and fully responsible Your pet won't make any trouble! Note, that there would be other pets, and small children on the island. So, think twice when You take Your doggie, cat or ferret ;).

::: Sports :::
• The second soccer tournament shall be held during the 11th MJR Festival! Gather a six person team, register yourselves and participate! You don’t have to be an experienced player to compete for the Festival prize! Information and rules of the tournament will be available in section [notes] • A beach volleyball and basketball area is also available – just bring a ball!

::: Water, showers and toilets :::
• There will be free drinking water - just ask at the MJR headquarters. • NO showers on the pagan island, - but there will be plenty of water in the lake. And we think that as long as this fest is pagan, clear lake is enough to stay clean and refreshed. More facilities are available in most of the country tourism homesteads and hotels in Zarasai town. • Plenty of biotoilets shall be available.

::: Litter :::
Pay attention to the special request from organisers: PLEASE DO NOT LITTER and bring as little plastic packaging as possible. Let us maintain the marvellous nature site clean. Special sacks and containers will be available for litter. And smokers should get a special capsules for stugs. Do not leave any plastic cup, cigarette butt or piece of paper lying on the ground! Lets make MJR the cleanest Summer festival!

We do hope that natural environment of the festival will provide You with enough optimal and Spartan amenities. Should you need any help during the festival, please refer to the security personnel or the organisers - we will be glad to help. We will appreciate Your understanding, good will, respect and assistance to each other.