:::::::: SALA (the Island) ::::::::

The Greater island of Lake Zarasas covers an area of 44 ha. It is a unique place of cultural events and resort. It also has great archaeological potential. There are numerous robust oaks, pines and lindens in the island as well as scenic hills and meadows. A picturesque marsh located in the middle of the island is encircled by a road, where the horse races used to take place. There is only one way to reach the island - a bridge, which will become the gate of the MJR Festival. Usually camping, making fires and car entrance is forbidden in the island, but an exception will be made for the Festival.

There are several beaches around the island, the most outstanding of which is called Golden beach. The lake itself is quite deep, so swim carefully.

The opening rites will be performed at a mighty oak on the Northern cape, where an altar will flare up. Several stages will be set up in the island - the Greater Stage and the Small Stage - surrounded by magnificent nature and each embodying different aspects of the diverse music of the Mëmuo Juodaragis. On Friday electronic industrial music artists will have their own scene through the night, and on Saturday a new stage for Folk music will rise in Crafts yard.

Few camping sites will be settled, so each visitor of the Fest could decide whether he/she wants to sleep quetly in more distant place or join more buzzy and dynamic life in the main camping.

Salos planas - MJR 2008

Zaraso salos orografija

Due to its shape, the Greater island used to be called England. Now it is sometimes called the island of Friendship. There are another two islands in Lake Zarasas that can be reached by boat - the island of Italy and the island of Lindens.

We hope that the visitors will respect and cherish one of the most beautiful places in Lithuania and have plenty of nice experiences. We also hope that the Festival shall come back to this place in future years…