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This section will feature various comments, curiosities, circumstances, thoughts, contemplations, requests, highlights, remarks, memos, timetables, jokes, responses and other diverse extra MJR information. These notes will be regularly updated. Therefore, send Your enquiries to <mjr@dangus.net>


MJR memo
A short list, that could be helpful when You pack things for the festival.
Haven't You forgot something...? --> MJR 2009 MEMO

The first MJR CD compilation - to the Juodaragis fans!
On twelfth MJR festival the compilation CD will be released for the first time. The double digipack CD will feature greatest MJR artists from Lithuania and all world. "Mënuo Juodaragis • RINKTINË" 2 CD is a tribute to festival history and great people we met here! Click on the link to know more:
--> More about the release

MJR XII theme - a Horse.
Why it is so important for us?

--> Mënuo Juodaragis - Horses

MJR 2009 football tournament!
We invite you to take part in the third MJR football tournament! You just need to form 6 player team!! You’ll be able to register your team only ON FRIDAY (28’th August), from 5 pm at the merchandise tent in the craftsyard. Number of teams is limited.

Rules of the game
1. Team consists of 6 players (5 field players, 1 goalkeeper)
2. We will play 2 rounds, each will take 9 minutes, break will take ~ 2 minutes.
3. The number of changes during the game is unlimited.
4. Players of national team, A league professionals of other leagues and masters of sport are not welcome :)
5. One player can play with one team – the one which he began tournament in.
6. Game is without offside and side lines, but with corner kicks.
7. If one team gains advantage of 5 points, game is stopped and the winning team gains victory; this rule is not valid in the final.
8. For rude game and cursing, a player can get a yellow card and must leave a field for two minutes. For a very rude game a player can get a red card and must leave a field for the rest of the game (and is thrown to the lake as well).
9. Ardor is welcome, but players have to remember, that there’s not that much on stake and remain benevolent :)

Tournament will take part in the island, players of both sexes and all age ranges, who have MJR tickets, can take part in it. Tournament system will be arranged depending on the number of the teams registered (teams will be able to get all the information in the tournament secretariat). First matches will be played in couple of subgroups, and four best teams will take part in finals. Game starts Saturday (from 9 am till 5 pm). It is advisable to wear the same/similar clothing.
Don’t forget to bring your sneakers!
More info at www.dangus.net/forumas

• Photo and Video cameras on MJR
Couple of remarks for those who can’t leave their cameras at home -> We live in digital times and constant fixation of everything is becoming a mania. Isn’t it better just to feel the moment, to look at the things through your own eyes than through the camera? You can’t take the magic away with you in the hundreds of poor quality photographs you can’t capture the essence… Anyway – there are no restrictions in the festival concerning photographing and filming, but there will be more than enough professional photographers in the event, which will be happy to share their best material online. And of course the process of photographing or filming should not disturb other people, especially participants.
We remind you that all the photographs taken during the festival can be without separate permission used by the organisers and other participants as long as they are used for non commercial purpose.

• EcoArt project “Coauthor : Nature”
This year a plener of EcoArt will be held in the festival for the first time. It is for people, who prefer creation to consumption and are not passive observers. The term EcoArt is quite new – it describes a universal creation, which takes it’s roots from traditional, environment friendly Baltic philosophy. The participants of the plener will be selected in a competition and will have to present their ideas to the organizers till 15’th August. The best projects will be presented during the event.


Let’s cycle to MJR 2009
A trip to MJR by bicycles is organised for the fourth time already. Why don’t you join the others and explore the beauty of Lithuania while going to your beloved festival. This year the headquarters of the bicycle trip is at “Veloklinika” (bike hospital) based in Vilnius. Registration lasts from 1st till 22nd August.
All who will cycle more than 100 km. to the festival will be offered a discount for the ticket and a surprise present. The main group is heading from Vilnius, the departure is planned on morning of 26th of August. You can go separate as well, but you’ll have to provide some proof of your trip (photos, local newspapers and so on). Here are the best moments from the last years trip - photos.
R E G I S T R A T I O N : Send your data - name, surname, e-mail and phone no. to <zygis@mjr.lt> or contact by phone: +37062886117.
"Veloklinika" - Domađevičiaus str.7, Vilnius - http://www.veloklinika.lt


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