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2009.08.27 ::: Mėnuo Juodaragis team is moving to the Zarasai. So here is just the last message and best wish for You to have a nice travel. Gero kelio! - as we say in Lithuania. Meet You on the island, where gods are whispering their dreams...

2009.08.26 ::: The website had a major update with english translations about all festival artists, which You can find interesting at --> mjr2009
And here are some hot pictures of preparations in Zarasai island :) --> 08.26

MJR XII theme - a Horse.
Why it is so important for us?

--> Mėnuo Juodaragis - Horses

2009.08.25 ::: Works on the Zarasas island continue! Today the building of Crafts yard, which should have a new look, have been started. And our best wishes fly to those who are already on the road, or soon will be... Check if You havent forgot something --> MJR memo
... damn, its a great feeling - seel all of You soon! :)

2009.08.24 ::: The preparation for the festival on the Zarasai island have started! A brave settlement of Juodaragis scouts will live there whole week and will make their best towelcome XII MJR audience.

::: For those who are staring their travel and would have several spare days in Zarasai area - MJR team have prepared an original guide, listing most interesting sightseeing sites arround Zarasai --> Top 10 sightseeing sites in Zarasai region

::: The absolutely FINAL programme of the festival is online --> programme

On twelfth MJR festival the compilation CD will be released for the first time. The double digipack CD will feature greatest MJR artists from Lithuania and all world. "Mėnuo Juodaragis • RINKTINĖ" 2 CD is a tribute to festival history and great people we met here! Click on the link to know more -

--> MJR compilation CD

2009.08.19 ::: Many MJR 2009 artists got presented on the website - use the menu on the right, or see all artists on --> mjr2009

2009.08.13 ::: Festival media section presents a welcome press release of the "Mėnuo Juodaragis 2009" in English. If You would like to help spreading the word --> media

2009.08.12 ::: Important programme information added, including updates on Arts, Crafts and Other activities. Interesting things! --> programme

2009.08.11 ::: For attention of travellers - new train and bus schedules from Vilnius, Kaunas, Turmantas, etc. --> roads

2009.08.08 ::: Some additional info and notes on original MJR activities added -join bicycle hike, footnall tournament, or eco-art project! --> extras

2009.08.07 ::: New pictures of the beautyful Zarasai island and MJR festival situation there --> island

2009.08.03 ::: Preliminar MJR 2009 programme announced --> programme

2009.08.01 ::: The full version of MJR 2009 website online.

2009.07.30 ::: Waiting for the 12th MJR anniversary, we invite fans to enjoy the updated galleries of last year festival - so many great shots and nice videos --> pictures
We also have found and put to history section underground announcements of the very first Mėnuo Juodaragis events --> history

2009.07.21 ::: Traditionally on Mėnuo Juodaragis there will be several ecological actions, calling visitors to joins. As every year, there will be hike on bikes - for those who wish to travel Nature friendly and have full Juodaragis experience. (info in Lithuanian) --> Minam Juodaragin 2009 . A special art project, looking for creative people. --> EkoMenis

Here is the MJR 2009 banner - we would appreciate if You could host it on some dedicated website and help to spread the Mėnuo Juodaragis announcement. http://www.mjr.lt

2009.06.02 ::: More artists announced for the 2009 programme --> mjr2009

2009.05.26 ::: MJR 2009 tickets pre-sale started. Up to June 15th three days ticket price is 90 Lt. Tickets number is unlimited, they will be available on the MJR entrance as well. You can purchase (or reserve) tickets from MJR organisers or electronic system "Tiketa" (if in Lithuania). More about the tickets --> tickets

2009.05.06 ::: The initial MJR website have started. (now You can find this version here)

2009.05.01 ::: MJR message board on Myspace updated and re-designed:

2009.03.26 ::: First bands announced.
Registration for MJR 2009 attendants on Last.fm
--> last.fm/event

2009.03.25 ::: Official XII Mėnuo Juodaragis dates announced - the twelfth edition of Mėnuo Juodaragis festival will take place on August 28-30, 2009 in Zarasai - on the fairylike Great island of Zarasas lake again! The dates and place oficially confirmed. The magic theme for this year festival would be a very strong and important Baltic mythological symbol horse and rider. And historical side will tell about Lithuanian history behind 1000 years.

Welcome to use MJR forum for questions and discussions --> forum

2009.01.01 ::: The final cut of MJR 2008 film "Kur pateka Mėnuo Juodaragis" (Where Blackhorned Moon Rises) has been presented. Director Vaidas Digimas, enjoy on vimeo --> MJR 2008 film

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