:::::::: MJR mintis ::::::::

Mėnuo Juodaragis represents contemporary Baltic culture in a very own way. This is both paying respect to the tradition and enjoying an alternative new forms - for music should burn live. And LIVING means changing. MJR provides the creative forge of Baltic world-view and aesthetics, where old and new, authentic and modem, meaning and spontaneity merge. The event also presents many great groups from other countries. This outstanding international cultural event and musical fiesta invites one to the country that has preserved the pagan Fire of Europe and speaks the most ancient language on the continent.

Restless intuition turns us into seekers. Somewhere here in the flow, in the trees, under the turf, in the dance of the flames, in our genetic succession there is an archetypal key of the Universe whose power was so well known to the old European nations. Ethnic tradition here refers neither to outdated illustration hanging in the porch nor drunken tourist stomping with the pint of beer. The glistening weapon of this expedition shall be folklore. It is the irreversible Action Principle preserved for ages, it is the alliance of the Past and the Future revealed in elitist dispersion. MJR summons most advanced artists drawing from the very depth and burning with unique art not meant for the mass production.

The flow is generated by plenty old and new music styles ranging from ethno, neo-folk, post-folk, tribal, gothic to ambient, industrial, idm, rock/metal, avant-garde, you name it. These are the tools, the colors, the instruments. They differ but have identical direction, direct or indirect relations with ancestral tradition. Different generations, nations, ideas, genres and styles, but single feeling and one enchanting rhythm of the Earth.

Cold lips of the History can hardly tell us anything new. Scientific terms will scarcely reveal the beauty of the fluttering Mystery. It is unlikely we will find the light of our Ancestors in the insidious labyrinths of spurious chronicles. But we do believe that we can revive the essential fragments of the Great Legend in other ways, much more forcefully, with our Heart. The truth of our ritual is to revitalise the magical model of Universality HERE and NOW by employing new measures, new post-modern language. We believe it is not merely Fear of losing the identity and becoming a disposable Nothing, or a rudimentary tribute to Nostalgia. Expect a LIVE cosmic move with bright projection forward!

Meanwhile, the idea behind the Mėnuo Juodaragis is clear and simple. THE HEARTBEAT. In touch to pulsating Mystery a game turns into ritual and the ritual becomes the game. We move on in Circle… to the Beginning of the Beginning. And we listen to what our Ancestors tell us from There.