11-th edition of independent post-folk, alternative music and
contemporary heathen culture festival

Great island in Zarasas lake
Zarasai • Lithuania

MĖNUO JUODARAGIS 2008 music and spells summon
to the beautiful Zarasai island again!

The 11th edition of Baltic post-folk festival Mėnuo Juodaragis is calling You again to the magic island of Zarasai lake, Northeastern Lithuania. This year the MJR heartbeat will take place on August 22-24, as every year making nostalgic adieu to Summer and greeting new starlit Autumn. And again we can't wait to meet all great people, artists, friends and feel the incredible atmosphere at the Heathen heart of Europe!

Mėnuo Juodaragis (Blackhorned Moon) is one of the most unique culture events in Baltic states. This independent three-days open air fest is dedicated to evoke Baltic culture, revive ancient traditions and present most original post-folk and alternative artists from various countries. Its living connection of Past and Future.

On MJR 2008 we'll see so many fantastic groups and musical projects. It's surely the strongest and most fascinating line-up in the festival's history! Your dreams will burn and fly with suicide pop stars SPIRITUAL FRONT from Italia, deeply impressing THEODOR BASTARD from Russia, and well known industrial mensch VON THRONSTAL. Neo-folk magic will be also played by famous British violinist Matt Howden, his project SIEBEN, and the mysterious Italians ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI.

The Baltic scene will also present the brightest and outstanding artsits - new programmes and album presentations from Lithuanian folk-rock group ATALYJA, ambiental DONIS, eminent pop-rock singer Andrius Mamontovas, composer A.Klova with VYDRAGA, and marvelous band SKYL Ė. From Belarus are coming ancient folk traditionalists ESSA, OSIMIRA members' project DRUVA and PRAGNAVIT. Northern neighbours will be represented by Latvian drums and bagpipes band AULI and Estonian national metal pride LOITS, on heavy pagan front together with wild Lithuanians OBTEST and ANDAJA !

Not to forget ritual heathen heritage by charming KŪLGRINDA, and many other groups and ensembles, who will perform on the third festival stage, dedicated to folklore and acoustic music. The fest will see best of Lithuanian post-folk, industrial, electronic, darkwave, metal underground - VILKDUJA, WEJDAS, GIRNŲ GIESMĖS, DRIEZHAS, SPANXTI and many others - about 40 groups and projects during 3 days !

And You probably know, that Mėnuo Juodaragis is much more than only music. A vast festival programme will present exclussive solid lectures, impressive crafts yard with teachings, tribal workshops, traditional rites, art exhibitions, various creative projects, nice film selection, special fire show, excursions, sports, folk dances and DJ parties. MJR is always eager to explore interesting things and themes. The main theme for 2008 will be mythological beings "aitvaras" (brownie, also kite). And historical dedication goes to the Lithuanian Resistence fight after WWII.

On the big green island, a really lovely place, You are welcome to enjoy a pleasing nature - meadows, groves, fires, wooded camping site and refreshing clear waters of Zarasas lake. As well as nice dreams, starlit skies, good Lithuanian beer and friendly people from many tribes. Mėnuo Juodaragis always keeps a nice secret for You, making all this a great holiday and the best place to spend last days of fading Summer...

Be here ! XI MJR is waiting for You to join the dance !


MJR 2008 supporters, sponsors, fiends