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2006.06.21 ::: We are sorry to announce, the 10th edition of Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival is postponed and this year would not be held. Due to financial and organisational reasons we are faced the need for a year brake to re-organise our activities and team to prepare well this event in 2007 again. We are sorry if this spoils Your plans for this Summer, though we hope to meet all of You on a fairy MJR fest next year.
--> official MJR org statement.

2006.02.16 ::: At the Lithuanian Alternative Music Awards Mėnuo Juodaragis 2005 was announced as the best Lithuanian music even of the last year. We are glad it was recognised at mainstream awards Bravo.

The major MJR website update for year 2006 is scheduled for March and April.

2006.02.12 ::: Zarasai have announced new schedule for their events, so MJR will come to the beautyful lake island on the August 25-27, the last Summer weekend, as every year :). This is the final date.

2006.01.01 ::: The 10th edition of the Mėnuo Juodaragis 2006 festival will take place during August 18-20, 2006 on a marvelous island in Zarasas lake, at Zarasai town, Northern-East Lithuania.

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2005.08.30 ::: The 9th edition of MJR festival is over. And again it was a very strong and special experience - thanx to everybody coming from distant and neighbour lands. It was so wondrous time together! We hope You enjoyed the magic of the Kernavė and performances. We express the great respect for the participants of the event - specially Romowe Rikoito and Hybryds. And we hope to see all the friends again on the 10th Mėnuo Juodaragis in 2006.

Some photo albums from MJR 2005:
--> Jurgos --> SielojRamus --> Ferrum --> pophoto

2005.08.25 ::: --> The MJR Message. Invitation to the festival.

2005.08.25 ::: MĖNUO JUODARAGIS 2005 sold out! We inform you, that all 400 tickets were sold either reserved and there wont any more MJR tickets possible to get. If you havent bought or reserved one, please skip your travel to MJR.

::: Despite we havent fit in time to announce on this website the MJR merchandise, special collection of MJR 2005 shirts and hoods have been made for the event. You can also get various souvenirs. Check them on the festival. We hope you'll like the style :)

2005.08.24 ::: The last additions to film programme --> [films]

priedo/vydunas.htm::: MJR programme will feature films, music and lectures about Vydūnas, the great Lithuanian philosopher. Why we talk about this --> [Vydūnas]


2005.08.20 ::: All 24 MJR artists section completed. The last additions - Sovijus, Kratong, Ensemble SP and Skylė.

::: Download music mp3 samples from MJR artists --> [downloads]

2005.08.19 ::: MJR 2005 PROGRAMME! --> [programme]
(english translation will be online soon...:)

MJR artists - Donis, Drama, GyS, Driezhas, Dvi Mudvi and Wejdas.
The lectures that will be given (sorry, but this time in Lithuanian only ;) --> [lectures]
HAIL to the supporters and friends of MJR2005 --> [supporters]

2005.08.18 ::: We introduce you the following MJR artists - Linoja, Šova, Goetheanum and The Fungal Kingdom.

2005.08.17 ::: Ok, crew, at last we have a translated information about camping site order and conditions, as well as pleasures there :) This year MJR will take place in deep woods, so be prepared for pagan survival ;) --> [camping]

2005.08.16 ::: More on MJR artists: Romowe Rikoito, Lauxna Lauksna, Sala, Kūlgrinda and afterparty suomi projects Älymystö and Neverdice.

Details about reaching festival site, Kernavė, regular bus traffic and extra assistant number --> [roads]

2005.08.15 ::: You can check the new descriptions of MJR artists: Hybryds, Girnų Giesmės, Pievos and Andaja.

2005.08.14 ::: MJR afterparty this year will take place in club "Artistai" on August 29 in Vilnius Old Town (Kazimiero str.3). - http://www.artistai.lt
. There will be hundreds of slides from the MJR 2005, Finnish groups Älymystö (ambient/industrial) and Neverdice (ebm/gothic) performing, DJ Smetona. Entrance with MJR ticket - 4 Lt, others - 10 Lt.

2005.08.11 ::: MJR 2005 postars and flyers are printed. Though there is no time to spread them in the other lands, You will find them on the festival's mechandise stand.

2005.08.10 :::
Dangus [radio] presents an excerpt from Hybryds repertoire --> [muzika]

2005.08.09 ::: Dear Latvian friends, you can get new MJR tickets in Riga from today! Follow the contacts in the section --> [tickets]

::: The last festival's musical performers confirmed - Linoja (singing poetry, Lt), The Fungal Kingdom (tribal, USA), Dvi Mudvi (acoustic folk, Lt).

2005.08.07 ::: We have printed the new MJR tickets - they can be reserved through this website --> [tickets] - In Poland: www.wrotyczrecords.prv.pl

::: And You can find more words about the --> [location]

2005.08.04 ::: You can find new MJR 2005 banners here --> [press] - We thank all those who support the event by hosting Juodaragis adds on their websites. You are nice ppl! :)

2005.08.03 ::: Ticket ordering renewed! Reserve Your MJR tickets here --> [tickets]
::: New schemes and maps added --> [roads]



2005.08.02 ::: Some pictures from the MJR 2005 venues --> [location]

2005.08.01 ::: We re-announcing the MJR 2005. Starting fire anew, with help of Gods. The 9 year cycle is to be completed in Kernavė - such is the fate --> MJR rebirth.

::: Dangus [radio] features a song of group Pievos --> [music]

2005.07.31 ::: There is change again - we hope this is the last one - MJR2005 will happen!! As planned before, it will be a smaller scale event in a steading in the woods by Kernavė. There are changes in the programm and ticket price. Check the following detailed statement tomorrow.

2005.07.19 ::: We are sorry to announce, but due to complicated situation in Sudeikiai MJR 2005 was CANCELLED. Please accept our regrets and read --> The official MJR team statement.

2005.07.13 ::: Information about coming to Utena and Sudeikiai, schemes and maps added --> [roads]

2005.07.12 ::: Ticket presale have started! --> [tickets]


2005.07.11 :::
MJR2005 tickets are ready for presale! The Latvian contact announced, a Poland dealer is on the way as well.

2005.07.09 ::: Two more Lithuanian acts confirmed for MJR programme - art rock group Goetheanum and long-time neofolk band Pievos.

2005.06.30 ::: The new date for MJR tickets preorder is July 12.

2005.06.28 ::: At last... Dangus forum is launched - you welcome to start english discussions and ask questions --> [forum]

2005.06.27 ::: Our beloved ritual folk group Kūlgrinda have confirmed their coming to the festival! Expect the special Prussian performance!

2005.06.26 ::: On MJR2005 afterparty on July 29 (monday) in Vilnius two fresh Finnish bands will perform - Älymystö (ambient/industrial) and Neverdice (ebm/gothic).

2005.06.24 ::: Summer Equinox! The days start their way towards autumn. The MJR website got updated (weren't you waiting for this? :)

2005.06.22 ::: The line-up addition - Andaja (Lt).

2005.06.21 ::: The information anout tickets - there will be the limited amount of 400 tickets to be sold. The price is 60 Lt (18 eur) for all 3 days. Tickets would be available on presale since July 04 - you should reserve them via internet, pay by transfer and get by registered post. More details in section [tickets]

2005.06.20 ::: We are pleased to announce the greatest names in MJR history: Duo Noir (Tony Wakeford and Renee Rosen of SOL INVICTUS, UK), Sieben (Matt Howden, UK), Hybryds (Be), Romowe Rikoito (Pr) and Kratong (Pr). More to be announced.

2005.06.19 ::: The festival location confirmed - 9th edition of Mėnuo Juodaragis will take place in Sudeikiai, by Alaušas lake, Utena district.

2005.06.16 ::: First MJR 2005 line-up projects confirmed: Wejdas (Lt), Donis (Lt), Girnų Giesmės (Lt), Ensemble SP (Lt), GYS (Lt), Driezhas (Lt), Drama (Lt), Lauxna Lauksna (Lt), Vilkduja (Lt). On the festival Donis will present his new album "Bite Lingo".

2005.06.12 ::: The first news on MJR 2005 announced. It happens so, that Mėnuo Juodaragis won't take place in Kernavė, as stated earlier. We have found another nice place near Kernavė, but finally after counting MJR 2005 budget (which is quete poor this year), we decided that Mėnuo Juodaragis could return to legendary Sudeikiai, which was home for the fest in 2000-2001-2002.


:::: :::: ::::

31 August 2004 ::: The Festival and all afterparties are over... We would like to thank everybody for making their ways to Kernave! It was a great thunderous event with really solid performers and almost 2000 visitors. Thanx for joining the Ritual, thanx for outstanding atmosphere!

If You have some nice photos from MJR 2004, please contribute to website gallery - send them to <info@dangus.net>

We are pleased again by heathen legions from Latvia and Poland! And also there were comrades from Estonia, Belarus, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, England, Scotland, Finland, Canada, even Japan. Hail!

Come back to this site for news on MJR 2005 later.

26 August 2004
::: Right, the MJR starts tomorrow. Strange and great feeling. And here we leave this website until we come back from the Ritual.

By the way, on huge demand we will have an one Olympic games match broadcast somewhere arround. That is because of historical chance for Lt team. Please don't be suprised in some cases of euphoria if we'll win :)

25 August 2004
::: There are few website sections updated. You can read on some modest [message]. :: And we also have some shots after some of MJR merchandise was art-factured by Ra of OxPd Societe.

And for those coming from abroad we wish a good way here!

24 August 2004
::: Usually it is a lucky day :)

23 August 2004
::: As many of You ask, we want to confirm once again: YES it is possible to come and settle in the camping area on Thursday.

22 August 2004
::: We are glad to confirm that this year there will be plenty of MJR merchandise. Special clothing is prepared by talented designers - OxPd Societe and FantasmAgoria AntiFashion. Also there will be bags, lighters, pins, pendants etc. Check [notes].

22 August 2004
::: For those whom staying at the camping site is not good enough there is possibility to look for more comfortable accomodation using countryside tourism service. You can call Kernavė Tourism centre for help:
+370 682 99404 | +370 687 17596 | +370 382 47311

21 August 2004
::: Though there were no much news recently, it was because of really hot time organising whole fest, and we want to confirm that everything is well prepared. Last weekend there was a bee on the festival location, some shots:

16 August 2004 ::: The MJR 2004 programme is announced!! > [programme]

10 August 2004 :::
The Lithuanian folk rock band Zalvarinis cancelled their appearance on the Festival. We will see legendary ZPOAN VTENZ instead!!!

09 August 2004 :::
Information on [camping site] added. Also video files in section [blinks].

07 August 2004 ::: Have a website and want to support Mėnuo Juodaragis? Please find some banners from section [org]. We'll be glad to know about this.

05 August 2004
::: From now You can go, register for MJR newsletter and conversate in our Forum! Thanx to dj Alex he made it at last :)

04 August 2004
::: Section [kernava] is fully renewed. Welcome.

31 July 2004
Information to the sections [idea], [festival], [kernava], [artists], [comrades], etc and maps in [roads] added.

mjr2004 poster pic

27 July 2004
The posters and flyers of MJR 2004 got printed. Have You maybe saw them at Castle Party 2004 ? :) If You feel You can help to spread this printed information in Your hometown, and it would be worth to make this, feel free to drop us a line


26 July 2004
::: The last music groups for the festival confirmed - ANTIGONĖ and ŽALVARINIS! You can find the whole MJR 2004 line-up at the section [artists].

22 July 2004
Website of MJR 2004 launched.

20 July 2004 ::: The new domain name for Mėnuo Juodaragis is registered! www.mjr.lt. At last it is done! :)

12 July 2004 ::: Contract for MJR 2004 sound recording and lighting concluded. We are happy that STS Company will take care of festival equipment as this company is known for its hearty work and high quality of sound and lights!

04 July 2004 ::: Location of the festival confirmed to be the same place as last year, i.e. in the private homestead of Mr Jankauskas, Valiukiškiai Village, next to Kernavė.

01 July 2004 ::: First news announced on the Internet. Brand new festival Website starts to be developed.

01 June 2004 ::: The majority of MĖNUO JUODARAGIS 2004 bands are confirmed. Especially great news is that the major stars of the festival will be ALLERSEELEN from Austria. We will also enjoy Hungarians CAWATANA and Slovaks LAHKA MUZA.