:::::::: LOCATION ::::::::

The ninth MËNUO JUODARAGIS will be arranged in a wooded private homestead next to legendary Kernavë Town. For the third time, the festival will take place near to the first historical capital of Lithuania, the centre of the ancient religion which is still breathing with secrets and energy from the abysses of ages. This will continue the MJR tradition to arrange the festival for three successive years in the same location.

The site of the event is situated about five kilometres from Kernavë centre and can be reached by cars or by foot. However, note that this is a different site than that of the last year’s festival. Forests, pools for swimming, a few saunas including an Indian one, a fine camping-place, a remarkable panorama of Neris River and a few dozens of oak-trees make this homestead a perfect place for the festival. Visitors will be invited to take a stroll in the labyrinths of the young wood, while adrenaline-seekers will have a chance to climb the trees swaying over high precipices of the brook. That is an exciting place well-suited for the ascetic concept of this year’s MJR festival and equally fit for both sprees and calm meditation.

The main stage of the festival will be hosted in a huge wooden structure (more resembling a modern well-equipped barn). Lectures and films will have an individual site in another building. Varying landscape of the homestead will provide lavish opportunities for extra chamber projects. During MJR festival, an outdoor café will be open, while a small rural building will provide room for the sales of musical periodicals and different things.

Under the oak-trees, there will blaze fires unfolding flavoursome smoke and lighting the arches of the last summer nights. Secrets will abound, so everyone will have a chance to find what one has been searching for. In this site, time is like a falling star – frozen at the magical moment and worth to be shared with your best friends. Welcome!