:::::::: MJR 2005 ::::::::

9th edition of the yearly independent
neofolk, darkwave and modern baltic culture

August 26-28 by Kernavė town

You can't escape your fate...

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MĖNUO JUODARAGIS 2005 will be held! Ask the fate...

We are happy to re-announce MJR 2005 festival and hope this crucial change is the last one. The 9 th yearly neofolk/darkwave festival MĖNUO JUODARAGIS will take place despite that this event was announced cancelled earlier. MJR 2005 is scheduled on the last weekend of Summer (26-28 August) in the environs of Kernavė Town, but not the same location as last year. Further, MĖNUO JUODARAGIS will quite differ from previous festivals in its audience, which is planned to be smaller and more elect, although the programme will remain rich and intriguing.

After the MJR 2005 was announced cancelled, the audience reaction was overwhelming and many offered their support and help. So we decided to try all the opportunities to make the festival happen. For the third time MĖNUO JUODARAGIS will set its fires in the magic woods of Kernavė, completing the nine year cycle. It seems such is the fate sent to us by Gods.

Because of the new location there are changes in the MJR 2005 programme. We have invited noble UK artists SIEBEN and DUO NOIR to the MJR next year. The rest of the line-up remains unaltered and complemented: You will witness the exclusive performances by HYBRYDS (Be), ROMOWE RIKOITO (Pr), KRATONG (Pr), ÄLYMYSTÖ (Fin), NEVERDICE (Fin), Aistė & grupė SKYLĖ (Lt), KŪLGRINDA (Lt), ŠOVA (Lt), DONIS (Lt), WEJDAS (Lt), GIRNŲ GIESMĖS (Lt), SALA (Lt), SOVIJUS (Lt), LAUXNA LAUKSNA (Lt), GOETHEANUM (Lt), ENSEMBLE SP (Lt), GYS (Lt), DRAMA (Lt), ANDAJA (Lt), DRIEZHAS (Lt), PIEVOS (Lt) and some other groups, also DJs, drummers, craftsmen, other artists. During three days and nights the audience will be also invited to lectures, films, folk dances, rituals and workshops exploring contemporary heathen culture and esoteric subjects.

Private homestead adjusted for various events and hosting MĖNUO JUODARAGIS 2005 is located a few kilometres away from the last year’s venue (5 km from Kernavė Town). Forest labyrinths, water for swimming, saunas, a fine camping-place, a remarkable panorama of Neris River and a few dozens of oak-trees make this homestead a nice place for the smaller scale event. We expect this capturing environment to provide venue for quite a number of additional chamber projects.

It will become a certain "back to roots" event to recall the atmosphere of the first pagan MĖNUO JUODARAGIS nights, a camp gathering for friends. The size of the event is also limited by the venues where MJR 2005 is to take place. As a result, there will be sold only 400 tickets this year. The new price for a 3-day ticket is 45 Lt (13 Eur) presale or 50 Lt (15 Eur) at the gate. Visitors from abroad can make their reservations.


We are sorry for the constant changes and late information, caused by strange circumstances. Still we hope to see You on the special Juodaragis ritual!

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The Nine - is the most magic tale for the Baltic and Northern tribes. So we are heading towards very special event, which is summoning all MĖNUO JUODARAGIS fans and friends to the breaking point where Summer fades and Autumn breaks... As sparks fly, violins cry and drums rumble, take all Your magic, friends and amulets to join the dance uniting the Past and the Future!

MJR tribe

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