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Finding MJR 2005 site is not very complicated but at the same time not very easy either. The festival will be arranged in a location nearby Kernavė Town (about 40 km north west of Vilnius). Going by car would be the best solution. Or, you may take a bus to Kernavė, and then go by foot or hitchhike 4 km through woods. Make use of maps and descriptions provided herein. We do hope your trip to the festival site will be interesting and successful.

For precision or reference, the site is called Ramoniškiai II village.


Extra assistant mobile telephone number +370 686 89739. Ugnė will try to get you out if You are lost or stuck somewhere. Call if you are sure you cannot manage on Your own. You will be charged minimal fee for fuel if she has to go and find you.

Bus schedule:

Vilnius – Kernavė – FRIDAY
6.50 - 7.20* - 8.30* - 12.15* - 13.30* - 16.30*

Vilnius – Kernavė – SATURDAY
7.15 - 7.20* - 13.30* - 15.20 - 16.30* - 18.30*

Kernavė – Vilnius – SATURDAY
6.27* - 8.30 - 8.40 - 9.40 *- 12.20* - 15.00 - 17.00 - 17.17*

Kernavė – Vilnius – SUNDAY
6.27* - 8.30 - 8.40 - 9.40* - 12.20* - 15.00 - 17.00 - 17.17* - 18.40*

* - minibuses

Access by car

You will find it most convenient to access the MRJ 2005 site by car. Go from Vilnius or Kaunas by road 116 to Kernavė, but do not go to the centre of the town, unless you want to go sightseeing in the hillforts or make some shopping. Follow 116 road bound to Musninkai. About 3 km after passing Kernavė, there is a turn to the left (next to Pakalniškiai bus stop). Follow the signs and go by the road about 2 km. At the crossroad keep to the left until you enter the forest. Then simply drive straight.

If you go from Riga, Ukmergė or Širvintos, turn to Kernavė at Širvintos (Road 116). About 5 km after passing Musninkai Town, you will find the marked turn to the right (next to Pakalniškiai bus stop). Follow the directions above.

Note: wood road going to the homestead is rather narrow, therefore, please be patient and relaxed in case you need to give way to other festival visitors. There is another wood road for leaving the camping (and parking) in the homestead. So the traffic will be conducted in circle to avoid inconveniences. We will be very grateful if you plan your movements beforehand and do not go back and forward many times during the festival. All drivers are also asked to take hitchhiking festival visitors to the site to maintain friendly atmosphere.

Access by taxi

You can take a taxi from Vilnius, it would require about 50-60 Lt (17-18 eur) to come to Kernavė and festival site (at night time they charge more). It is also recommended to negotiate the price before starting the trip.

Reach us by bus and by foot

You might find it a little bit more complicated to reach the MRJ site by public transportation rather than by car. As far as we know, minibuses go to Širvintos passing Kernavė. You may negotiate with the drivers to take you to the turn at Pakalniškiai bus stop (read above). If you are lucky, you will find yourself closer to the destination point.

But if you go to Kernavė, you may reach MJR site by foot following a forest road for about 4 km. First keep to the same road as the last year, that is, leave Kernavė (the cemetery is left on your right) and go to Valiūkiškiai village by the marked road. Then turn to the right where you see the markings and follow these signs for about 1 km.

See You soon! :)