:::::::: MJR 2005 Tickets ::::::::


All 400 tickets to MJR 2005 are sold out.

::: NOTES :::

As every year, Your name, surname and homeland will be enrolled in a Juodaragis guest book. Please have Your passport to make things clear.

With the MJR ribbon You would enter and leave the festival territory as You wish. It won't be allowed to stay in it without the ribbon.

There will be a camping site inside the festival territory. If You come by Your personal vehicle (car or motorbike), the charge is 5 Lt (1,5 eur). Settling a tent is free, though as far as all tents should have registration cards, each tent would be charged a symbolic 1 Lt (0,2 Eur) for this nice card and "ecology". More on camping conditions - in section [camping]