ä l y m y s t ö

Finnish group ÄLYMYSTÖ was founded in January 2002 with the aim to create something new, different and unique. Mr. Haapanen, also known as DJ Zombah, gathered a group of skilled musicians to follow his vision. With vocalist Mr. Vuorensola, guitarist Mr. Paalanen and thereminist Mr. Honkonen joining the group, the the current line-up was formed and the vision became reality.

ÄLYMYSTÖ's sound is a complex mix, with influences from jazz and ambient to black metal, but with the hard electronic rhythms the soundscape is close to industrial. ÄLYMYSTÖ will release it's first full lenght album in August 2005. On MJR festival they will perform on Afterparty, August 29 at club "Artistai" (Kazimiero str.3) in Vilnius.