::::::::::: Tickets :::::::::::

Ticket for all three festival days costs LTL 30 (9 euro).
One-day ticket costs LTL 20 (6 euro).
Children to 12 years (three-day ticket) - LTL 5 (1,5 euro).

Festival tickets will be available only at the Gates to the territory during the festival days. Tickets will be sold from 11 am on Friday. Along with the ticket everyone will receive a special untearable bracelet (which will be a must to wear within the festival area), comprehensive MJR 2003 booklet and a special laminated ticket that will also grant discounts for the MJR Festivals of years 2004 and 2005! This season-ticket is a present of the festival organisers to the regular visitors.

As usually, the visitors will receive souvenirs-surprises with MJR trappings along with the indispensable regalia. The earlier you arrive, the bigger chance you have of receiving the said souvenirs as their quantity is limited (500 units). It is also recommended to arrive earlier on Friday because there might be traffic congestion on the road at night. You are also welcome to settle at the festival area on Thursday evening.

As every year, each visitor will be enlisted into the special Juodaragis Book. In case during the Festival any problems concerning tickets or bracelets arise, it would be useful to produce a passport and solve the misunderstanding easily.

Persons having bracelets will be freely allowed to leave the territory and return to it.

::::::::::: Camping site :::::::::::

Tent place - LTL 3 (1 euro);
Parking lot - LTL 4 (1euro);
Parking lot + tent - LTL 5 (1,5 euro).

A camping site will be available in the Festival territory. It will be guarded by security and only persons having bracelets will be allowed to enter. Since neither country tourism is well developed in Kernavė environs nor there is a wide variety of hotels available, staying in camping site is the best and most pleasant variant. A few nights in a tent under the trees of the magic wood will aid you in approaching the spirit of Juodaragis even closer. The tent fee is a so-called 'ecological' fee for the territory cleaning after the event. Tent cards will be sold together with Festival tickets at the Gates.

Since Kernavė is relatively close to Vilnius, you may go to stay to the capital city (or any other cities in the neighbourhood).

There will be a parking lot available beside the camping site. It will be within the fenced territory of the event and will be both regulated and guarded. A special sticker will give you the right to freely leave and enter.

::::::::::: Amenities :::::::::::

This year, the MJR Festival will take place as close to nature as never before. Therefore, all additional comfort and discomfort of the event will be acceptable and natural. A lavatory, a couple of showering places (cool water only :), wooden toilets, a swimming-place on Neris riverside and fire-places with firewood will be available in the Festival territory. You will get refreshing water straight from the spring. There are original facilities for football, basketball and volleyball available as well.

Drinks, hot meals and food products will be on sale all round the clock. Mobile connection in the territory is good. A café, public telephone, Internet and generally more civilised facilities can be found in Kernavė Town.

- - -

* MJR is an ever expanding event. Certain discomforts cannot be avoided during huge events, however, we will do anything to make them fewer. We will be thankful for your understanding and assistance both to us and everybody else on the event.