::::::::::: Vision of the Seventh Wheel :::::::::::

In the glow of the dying summer, in the mysterious rustle of the forest, in the perfection of wildness breathing, in the symphonies of the flowing currents... be hailed on your arrival to the seventh Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival. Those, who appreciate and await the creative ritual of the new Baltic world-view, enjoy and be intrigued. The decor of the mythological ornaments whispers that all we have been looking for has already taken place. Nevertheless, the rhythm of the divine smiths never ceases to beat. The Festival promises three days of pulsating Mystery where the game turns into a ritual and the ritual becomes a game. Down into the abyss. We move in circles...

MJR is an independent and multifaceted event, the parts of which are linked by the concept of neofolk darkwave. It is the festivity of unique arts, frequencies and aesthetic creation, the seminar of sincere seekers unspoilt by commercial vanity, and the abyss of eternal ritualism in the last pagan European land. It encompasses different generations, various ideas and styles but is united by a single feeling and a single rhythm of the Earth.

The flow is generated by a number of old and modern sound styles: ethno, neo-folk, gothic, ambient, noise, industrial, ebm, tribal, avant-garde, etc. Though rather different, they share something in the dark-folk-wave style, each one individually bewitches and confirms the multifaceted origin of the MJR, which constitutes the essence of the powerful ritual. The meaninglessness of the monotheistic ideology and matrix fall out of the scope of this saga... as the Baltic grass-snake does not swallow its tail.

We seek as we feel. Somewhere here in the flow, in the trees, under the turf, in the dance of the flames. In our genetic succession. There is an archetypal key of the Universe whose power was so well known to the old European nations. The glistening weapon of this expedition shall be folklore with its grandchildren. Here, it will not serve as the porch illustration or entertaining stomping with beer. It is the Action Principle preserved for ages, it is the alliance of the Past and the Future in Time. The beauty of the enchanted instinct in elitist dispersion.

Cold lips of the History can hardly tell us anything new. Scientific terms will scarcely reveal the beauty of the fluttering Mystery. It is unlikely we will find the light of our Ancestors in the insidious labyrinths of chronicles. But we do believe that we can revive the essential fragments of the Great Legend in other ways, much more forcefully, with our Blood and Heart. A great many remarkable values and Tradition keys have sunk into the quagmires of the museum-bred fetishism for ever. The sagas died in oblivion crucified next to mausoleum-type utensils. The truth of our ritual is to revitalise the magical model of Universality here and now by employing new measures, new post-modern aesthetics. We believe it is not merely Fear of losing the identity and becoming a disposable Nothing, or a rudimentary tribute to Nostalgia. This is a cosmic move with a bright and ubiquitous projection into Future. The Awakening becomes Life like six times before...

This year, MJR will occupy a new location, that is, the woods of the legendary Kernavė. Certainly, the freedom of the new site, the abyss and historical-magical heritage hold their charms. This switch of places is not accidental. It is a new cycle following the millennia-old footsteps of the Kriviai (Lithuanian pagan priests). With this change, the Festival approaches Nature and its own essence even closer. We assume that the energy of Kernavė will fill the event with the growing feel of freedom, depth and goodwill. Do not forget that the spirit of the MJR is created not only by the bands, groups, artists and lecturers but also by the whole audience! Let the immediacy and tolerance be the brightest features of the MJR Festival.

It again gladdens us that the Festival has attracted an impressive number of famous participants from both abroad and Lithuania. The advantages of the new location make the expanded programme sublimely convenient for the audience. Aside from the traditional concerts (two stages for live performances + one for DJs), lectures, exhibitions and films, the audience will enjoy special projects such as medieval combats (Kovarniai), continuation of archaic dances and tribal drums projects (bring your drums and other instruments!), Fairy-tale Cabin, specific night-parties and the grand opening. Anyone can join in with his or her ideas!

Complementary threads of this year are ancient fairy-tales and "Forest Brothers" (Lithuanian guerrillas). A great number of especially significant aspects, which we no longer tend to notice, are encoded in our fairy-tales. However, in fact fairy-tales today are much more important and real than it may seem to us. It makes all the difference to which model of reality your consciousness adheres. Therefore, MRJ 2003 challenges the matrix reality to the duel! :) The best experts of folklore will give lectures on the fairy-tales, a few artists will use the fragments from fairy-tales in their programmes, there will be installed Fairy-tale Cabin where the audience will be given chance to tell tales, transform and create them, with the deep music playing in the background.

Forest Brothers is a far more historical and controversial theme. Who were these people who left for perdition, assumed pagan names and exchanged all their lives into a few years of freedom and fight in the woods? What Fire burnt in their hearts? Their memory has recently become often debased, therefore, we propose to review the grandeur of the manifestation of this nearly last Baltic patriotism in another, new light without any piousness.

Of course, besides the serious activities there will be space enough for pleasant entertainment during the Festival. Stars, woods, river, grass, bonfires, wind, beer, mists, and singing birds will constitute unique environment for escaping the routine, having rest, reflecting, playing and socialising. The weather will be fine because the MJR crown is brightly lit again... and we are moving in a Circle.

Take care before our delightful meeting,

MJR team:
Ugnius Liogė,
Lauras Lučiūnas,
Marius Galinis,
Gintarė Lučiūnaitė,
Gediminas Banaitis,
Jurgita Nagrockytė