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• Summoning •

We are here to spread the message of Menuo Juodaragis. Probably the only solid and traditional neo-folk darkwave festival in Baltic lands. Ritual No.5, for the first time artists from foreign countries are presented and since now this would be a constant tendency.

Menuo Juodaragis is an unique event – a festival that differs from other resembling European festivals a lot. Two nights and three days of modern world escaping trance, on the bewitching highway to the pagan worlds of our forefathers. With the most archaic and authentic keys, through the post-modern ritual of the new aeon.

Hearing the summoning from the depths of the woods, feeling the mesmerizing beat and that charming home-calling melodies, with bodies imprisoned in dance we are here to rise the Crown of Juodaragis again. Let it’s shining guide us through grim forests of Time in hundreds of paths. And Time is no more.

If you came here and read this – this means You are invited. Do not ignore this. Last year’s festival gained big interest from abroad – though the event wasn’t advertised out there - fans from neighbouring countries, Germany, Holland and Usa came over. So, we decided to spread the Juodaragis message more widely. As we feel it’s really worth that. Enjoy the last weekend of this summer with great Art in a great place!

If you or your band are involved in any artistic activities, that would fit festival concept and have possibilities to come on your own (sorry, our funds are over...) and take part in Menuo Juodaragis, feel free to contact us.

The organisers,
Ugnius Lioge
and Lauras Luciunas