Menuo Juodaragis
the Festival of Neo-Folklore and Dark Pagan Arts
August 25-27, 2000 - Sudeikiai, Lithuania

This is a brief information on basic festival things. If you'd like to know more or participate in this unique event, please ask us questions. If you'd like to come over, we'll take care of your staying and finding necessary things here. If you or your band are involved in any artistic activities, that would fit festival concept and have possibilities to come on your own (sorry we have no possibility for financial support as we organize all thing on our own...) and take part in "Menuo Juodaragis", we'll be glad to see you here! Please contact us by e-mail or phone +370 88 19655 (Ugnius) as soon as possible.

[Festival idea]
this year "Menuo Juodaragis" festival is the fourth one already. The first dark Pagan meeting under such name happened in 1995 in Verbiskes village, near Moletai town. The concept of the festival deals with neo-folklore and Pagan dark music mainly. This year 8 musical directions are presented: Ethno folk, Neo-folk, Pagan/Black metal, Industrial, Electronic Dance, Experimental/Avantgarde, Ambient, Tribal/Ritual; "Menuo Juodaragis" represents the new outlook at the ancient Pagan culture and folklore. We try to gather all the best Lithuanian artists, that create original Arts, somehow - directly or indirectly - connected with the Old Tradition, Magic and Mythology. The main themes deal with esoteric doctrines, discovering our inner nature and history and the Wisdom of our Pagan forefathers (Lithuania was the very last Pagan country in Europe, christianised only in XV century). At the each festival we try to invite artitsts from neighbouring countries as well. But in the most cases the lack of financial resources ruins such plans... So, we are grateful to the bands that come on their own because of the support of the idea. "Menuo Juodaragis" is also a manifest - against the modern world, conformist and consumer society, against stupidity of the religion. We fight for our right to perceive the world in our own way. And to discover the secrets we use many different ways - the very archaic as well as the very modern ones. It's postmodern medium, where our strenght is in diversity, not uniformity. And finally - this festival is a nice opportunity to spend 3 crazy days and nights with thinking alike people, friends, in a beautiful place...

Sudeikiai is very small town with a beautiful Nature sites arround. The festival place there at an amazing lake Alausas. Many mounds and places of ancient Pagan cult are situated nearby. Sudeikiai is situated 10 km to the North-East from the Utena - regional centre, famous for outstanding nature sites, beer and Pagan bands. Utena is about 90 km to North from Lithuanian capital Vilnius. check images and maps

The registration and ticket selling begins on August 25, Friday afternoon. The first festival activities start later the same night, the main concert begins at midnight. The festival is almost non-stop till the Sunday morning. There will be concerts of bands, as well as acoustic ritual folk groups performing outdoors. Also - interesting lectures (mainly in Lithuanian), video films and documentaries (some in English), exhibitions, musician sessions, fires, dancing, etc... The bands confimed so far: ZPOAN VTENZ, SOVIJUS, SALA, GIRNU GIESMES, KULGRINDA, UGNELAKIS, PEORTH, NAHASH, DONIS, NOTANGA and other less known bands, DJs, etc. The list is growing...

[Tickets and Accomodation]
Payment for all 3 festival days is 10 Lt ($2.5).
Accomodation is cheap as well - to stay at locals' houses and farmsteads
costs about $3 per day. The car parking and camping is free.

Concerning any questions, please contact us or by phone +370 2 19655. Til we meet at "Menuo Juodaragis" !

Start your heathen fires again!